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Welcome to Casa de Paredes

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( with pool, big garden, great sea view, shiatsu chair )

Place of excelent gathering between Nature and History, this was the place where we began the creation of a refuge of confort and charm, surrounded by a rare natural beauty, perfect to relax, by absorving the nature and the atlantic ocean in front of you, very near of an Historical heritage waiting to be discovered.

In a previleged place, in front of the sea and involved with a unique landscape, where the Mediterranean gathers the Atlantic, the is a great environement to pass a weekend or vacations in an unusual ambience of serenity.

All the exterior environement breeds nature and tranquility. The silence ambience calls for a climate of meditation, privacy and security. And all this only a few miles from the main cities, monuments, beaches, and comunication ways of the central region of Portugal.
The "Região de tourism de Leiria-Fátima" (Tourism Region of Leiria-Fátima), where "Paredes da Vitória" is inserted, is only 11 km far from Nazaré, and gathers a vast and valious group of monumens that deserve your visit.

The Leiria Castle, that can be seen from all the city was funded by D.Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal. Rebuilt in 1195 in the kingdom of D.Sancho I, was later chosen to be the estancia régia by the king D.Dinis, the main entrepreneur of the Royal Pinhal de Leiria and D.Isabel known as the Queen Saint.
Leiria is today a city of a strong industrial caracter as it is also Marinha Grande, the capital of portugeese glass, only twenty minutes from .

Considered as one of the most important Marian Sanctuaries in the world, Fátima is visited by peligrims all of the year.

Every year the sanctuary, also known as "altar do mundo" is visited by 5 milion peligrims from all over the world, most of them visit Fátima the 13th of May, aniversary of the first aparicion of Our lady to the three shepard keepers.
The Monastry of Batalha, one of the most beautiful example of the gothic archictecture, was clsssified by UNESCO, in 1983, as Word Patrimonium.

Because of the peculiar caracteristics of this region, the forest that surrounds the , presents us a extemely varied floristical examples, witch beauty is repeated in the house garden, studied and made by Manuel Mota, and witch maintining is assured by Jardicentro. The selection of the garden's vegetal specimen had the intention of not denieing the surrounding landscape, and assimilate some of the natural beauty that is the magnific landscape of Paredes da Vitória.

The use of soft wood of casquinha, ceramical mosaic, and clear tonalitys, discreet and harmonious, resulted in a finishement of great quality and elegance, that brings the extreem serenity of the outside to the house's inside.
Proprietary of a great view to the Atlantic, and to the mouth of stream, the and its sober design are also a tribute to the evolving nature and its historical value.

Here in one of the most beautiful cenary of the portugueese coast, Sea, Sun, Nature and History combine in a perfect and harmonious manner,and that is, in fact, what makes it so special...



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